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FACIAL by Jeff Strand

Greg has just killed the man he hired to kill one of his wife’s many lovers. He’s now got a dead body in his office.

Carlton, Greg’s brother, desperately needs a dead body. It’s kind of related to the lion corpse that he found in his basement.
Facial. It’s not about what you’re thinking.
Well, okay, part of it is…


Carleton is playing one of his least favorite games – it’s a combination of Hide & Seek with What’s That Smell. His olfactory senses lead him to his rarely used basement, and what he gets for ‘winning’ is even less fun than the game. His bizarre discovery leads him, and his brother, on a journey of bonding, pirate treasure, and severed heads.

The inner-monologue of Jeff’s characters always has me laughing out loud. I was going to start posting my favorite line from each of his titles on their reviews, but it’s impossible. I can’t choose a favorite from my top six lines in this book alone!
But… this one’s pretty good –
“Step away before thou contaminate me with thy contemptible insanity!”

Fun Facts –
¹ Yesterday I was reviewing YA books written by this author, and today I read about a guy who is thinking about murder & mayhem while going down on his wife.
I see nothing wrong with this.
² I didn’t notice at the time, but now I’m seeing the similarities on the covers of the books I bought the other day… I got this book, FACIAL, and BITE SIZE by Matt Shaw…
I’m off to contemplate the hidden reasons my subconscious led me here. Maybe I just need a facial

Find FACIAL on Amazon, Goodreads, and Dark Fuse

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