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B IS FOR BOGEYWOMAN by Iain Rob Wright

From the A-Z of Horror Series from Iain Rob Wright

The contributing factors to me almost losing my shit from reading this installment in the author’s version of The ABC’s of Horror…
1. I started reading at 4 a.m.
2. I’m in a new-to-me house, complete with strange noises that are probably harmless during daylight hours. Bonus that I’m not completely convinced that this place isn’t haunted, and staring into the dark abyss at the top of the spiral staircase terrifies me to an unstable level.
3. My husband washed up with that mechanic’s soap, so I kept getting whiffs of a tangerine / orange scent… you’ll understand this one after reading the story.

In Iain’s horror-filled alphabet, B is for Bogeywoman, the Bogeywoman that Dean sees living under Wendell Kurtz’s bed. Is it just a nightmare, or do monsters really exist? Look under the bed if you’re feeling brave.

I was lucky to download B is for Bogeywoman and C is for Clown for free during a special promotion, but I’ll be buying A is for Antichrist today on Amazon. (I’m also going on a hunt for D is for Degenerate, because word around the campfire whispers that D was banned from Amazon! Oh joy!)
I’ll definitely be following this entire series. It’s a collection that would be great to show off on a bookshelf.
Only .99¢! Don’t pass these up!

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