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Mnemonic Man by Steven Frank

Mnemonic ManMnemonic Man by Steven Frank

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

mne-mon-ic (ni-MON-ic) noun
A device, such as a formula or rhyme, used as an aid in remembering.
Gk. mnemonikos, of memory; rel. to Mnemosyne, the Goddess of memory.

Mne-mon-ic Man (ni-MON-ic man) noun
A superhero from outer space who coaches humans on grammar, dating, and other survival skills.

Written by Steven Frank, Mnemonic Man is a ‘graphic romance for the grammatically challenged’.
It’s very cute & fun read, filled with tons of NtK grammar facts. You can also take THE MNEMONIC CHALLENGE at the end of the book. It’s one that I’m happy I have in my collection – I just need to remember to use it!
*The comics probably look a little better in the paperback edition

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