Movie Adaptations

There’s a ‘DARK PLACES’ movie on the horizon

I was just checking out a column by Max Booth III5 Most Anticipated Book Adaptations of 2015, and I see that DARK PLACES by Gillian Flynn is heading to the big screen in 2015.

I think DARK PLACES is my favorite book by Gillian Flynn, and I’m excited to see the movie. I’m a little scared, too. Book lovers know that film adaptations are usually never what we hope they would be, or believe that they could be. I’m holding out hope, and will see it for sure – the book is amazing, and makes me wish that there was an underground Kill Club to belong to. Maybe there is… the first rule of Kill Club is… wait, never mind. Wrong book.

This just led me to think –
What book would you LOVE to see made into a movie?
What is your most anticipated book to movie release? (mine is THE SUMMER I DIED by Ryan c. Thomas)
And, this will open up a lot of doors here, but… What is your most disliked book to movie adaptation?

Tell me what you think...

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