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CREEP by William Cook

CREEPCREEP by William Cook

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Cassandra Morrighan hopped into a cab to go back to college, she never dreamed it would turn out the way that it did. She actually took a tad longer than most ppl to figure out she was in real trouble – we’ll just chalk that up to her being trusting.
She woke up naked & chained in an unfamiliar place. The Creep had her, and she couldn’t see any possible escape. When she found pieces and parts of all the girls before her, she vowed to get away, and take this guy down in the process.
This gave me the same rush as the great horror flicks of the 80’s(and it would make an excellent film!) If you take the creep out of the creep-van and hurl him into a taxi… he’s just as creepy!

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2 replies on “CREEP by William Cook”

I really liked this story myself as it allowed the victim to fight back. With too many books, once a victim you are dead.


Ik, r?! There is nothing typical about this story, especially that the victim didn’t act like a victim – ever. That fact was punched home with the way that she handled it at the end. (It’s hard to not post spoilers for short stories!)


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