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A Christmas 1

Despite having taken the children and leaving him – his wife was coming over, with the kids, for Christmas Day. Not because she wanted to but, rather, a vague attempt of keeping things ‘normal’ for the children. What she doesn’t know, though, is that her new boyfriend is there too….. in pieces. Some of him wrapped up, ready for her to open, under the Christmas Tree and another, sizable, chunk of him slowly cooking in the oven – ready to be dished up with a good portion of roast potatoes.

Who knows – she may never discover the shocking truth of what her husband’s done either and, more importantly, what he wants to do; kill her and cut her head off so he can stick it on top of the Christmas Tree in place of the usual Angel…

YOU decide the outcome. YOU choose the story YOU want to read.

With seventeen premature endings, an ultimate ‘revenge’ ending and an ultimate ‘happy’ ending – there are numerous ways to shape this evolving story… just, for their sake, try and keep the kids out of harm’s way. This is between their parents. Keep it like that.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Similar to the old-style ‘choose your own adventure’ books, this is the first of it’s kind from Matt Shaw (‘Happy Ever After’ Trilogy and the ‘9 Months’ Trilogy). Each book segment ending with a series of sentences allowing you to choose how the characters progress within the story. Their fate is in your hands as you play God.

Re-live your childhood experiences of playing ‘interactive’ books but remember – this is NOT for children!!!!

A christmas 2




I read this in 2012, and sadly… the original review was lost. It happens. BUT – I cannot let another Holiday Horror Binge and Purge event go by without including this twisted take on a family Christmas.

I’ve read this in every combination available to read. And, I think I did all of the in one day – I devoured them like candy, or crack. The most extreme ending made me crack up, so that tells you a little something about me. But, I laughed out loud – and got the “oh, look honey… she’s crazy” looks from old people passing by. WORTH IT.

A husband invites his ex & kids over for Christmas, but battles his inner demons about what to do once he gets them inside his flat. What he ultimately does in entirely up to you, the reader. And it will range from gross, to sick, to – oh what the Hell!?! Very user friendly links to help you along your journey into Matt’s world.

You get many different readings out of it, well worth the low low cost of $ .99!

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