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Jason Jacks is a sadistic serial killer, with a penchant for killing couples.

Jaz and Edward Sullivan are newlyweds on holiday in Cornwall, staying in Ed’s old family home.

Jason Jacks is just about the worst kind of house guest anyone could wish for. Because if he comes a-knockin’, then you’re as good as dead…

This is extreme horror, as is everything by Sam West.
It is for the most hardened horror fans only.
(And even then, please proceed with caution.)

SamWest cover

I got my Kindle Unlimited subscription renewed a couple days ago, and I accidentally found this author, Sam West, while looking for any titles from Matt Shaw that I might have missed in the past couple months. Amazon said… ‘Oh, you like this twisted stuff? Here, try THIS guy. He might make you puke!’
There are five novellas available, I grabbed this one first only because it’s the first one Amazon recommended.
The synopsis, and the words ‘Extreme Horror Novella’ grabbed my attention right away. The cringe-inducing scene on the first page drew me in even further. As far as torture goes, Sam West is pretty original. Probably a bit unstable, too. (You know I’m teasing!) I learned a new phrase – “The back of beyond”. I like it. It sounds a little more civilized than BFE 😉
I can’t wait to read the other four books!

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

***Includes the first chapter of ‘Djinn’ at the end of the novella.***

SamWest 1
Sam West is a horror writer living in the UK. His stuff is hardcore, so be warned. He believes that horror should be sick and sexy and he is more than happy to offend a few people on his writing journey.

He hopes there are other like minded souls out there that enjoy a good dose of depravity and perversion. Because that’s what rocks his world. That, and his wife and young daughter who do brilliantly to put up with his diseased mind.
SameWest 2
Contact him at

A quick word from the author:
Sweet nightmares to you all. – Sam.



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