Ouija Wall

A Ouija Wall! I have so much love for this! I will do [some form of] this one day – guaranteed!
So… on a completely unrelated topic…
Do you lock your doors when you go to work? #GuerillaRemodeling


Sometimes I have an idea that’s just too ridiculous to refuse.


This project started with Pinterest. Dear God, I love that thing. I swear that no other social networking site– not Facebook, not Twitter, not Flickr– has inspired me so much. I cook food based on the fancy pictures I see. REAL FOOD. WITH INGREDIENTS THAT DON’T COME OUT OF A CAN.

Anyhow, one night I saw this photo, and at first I thought it was a Ouija Board painted on the wall. It’s not– at least, as not as far as I know– but that just lit my brain up.

“Oh man. I have to paint a huge Ouija board on my wall. And I have to do it tonight. RIGHT NOW.”

Luckily, my boyfriend was out that night, so I grabbed my MP3 player and went to town. Below are my vague instructions if you wanna try…

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