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TORTURED by Matt Shaw

WARNING: This is an extreme horror novel. Some scenes may offend or cause upset. With that in mind, please be aware this story is intended for a mature audience only.



When financial problems hit Ryan he is forced to move his family to a smaller, more cost-effective, home on the outskirts of the city. But when his decisions lead him – and his family – directly into the path of a vicious serial killer who enjoys nothing more than to torture his victims, Ryan soon realises things will never be the same for any of them again.


I’ve just read some of the Amazon reviews, and I’m pissed.
I kind of take these bad reviews personally, because I love this book. I respect your right to dislike, but if you’re going to start slinging insults – have the balls to sign your name. Hiding behind the word ANONYMOUS is a dick move.


TORTURED is not at all what I expected.
Now, maybe it’s just me – I expected a head-on assault to the senses, buckets of blood & gore galore. That is not what I got. Yes, I admit that I am becoming a bit desensitized to extreme horror – but I don’t think that’s the issue here. There are some pretty squirmy scenes, graphic, disturbing, but necessary to describe the mind set of the killer.
I never discuss these things, but I want to mention that Matt is doing things a little differently lately, and I’m really impressed with the new direction. The storylines are going deeper, and character development is a bit more detailed, (but still not unnecessarily padded – thank you, Matt!). What I love the most is how the stories are beginning to weave together. Different characters cross paths, locations are being revisited, older stories are tonight’s local news broadcast – it’s brilliant.
This book is full of winks & nods, I had to stop reading in the middle to go comment on Matt’s Facebook wall 🙂

A thought…

I have a feeling that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Detective Andrews.

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Have you read Survivor by J.F. Gonzalez? If you haven’t then I strongly suggest that you check it out. It took me less than 3 hours to plow through it.


Survivor was one of my first books by anyone in the gang, and I absolutely loved it! It was extreme, and had a plot that sucked me in…
I need a suggestion on what Gonzalez book I should read next – what do you think?


The only other one of his that I have read so far is Shapeshifter. It’s a werewolf story and also quite good. I got Torture and Porn the other day from Matt Shaw.


TORTURED is amazing.
I hate saying this, cuz it sounds kind of uppity & snobbish, but… it shows how he’s grown/developed over time. It’s deeper, without being padded, and – the ‘Easter Eggs’ planted throughout the book make me so happy!!
You have read Happy Ever After?

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