Kumquat – coming soon from Jeff Strand

Published July 2, 2014 by Shadow Girl

It’s here! Jeff Strand’s new novel, a romantic comedy (!) is now available in a digital edition! Print edition coming soon!
I’m reblogging my early preview post here, and check it out on GLEEFULLY MACABRE – http://jeffstrand.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/kumquat/

The Bloody Book Blogger

Cover art hasn't been released - so THIS is what KUMQUATS look like. Cover art hasn’t been released – so THIS is what KUMQUATS look like.

Hey! Let me break in for a mo’ here… the REAL cover art has been released 😀 Take a look – much nicer than my fruit pic! Haha!


I didn’t know what to expect from Kumquat – but, after Kathy introduced me to Jeff Strand via Dead Clown BBQ, I was hooked, and already penciling in stalking appointments, ahem… I meansorting my TBR to include all the new titles I need. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to preview it!
Jeff described KUMQUAT as “generally lighthearted romantic comedy and not much like anything in DEAD CLOWN BBQ” – and still… didn’t know what to expect.
A Rom-Com from a horror author?
Admittedly, he’s a horror author who cracks me up, (so you know that he must be a little twisted), but, no horror?

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