Right To Life by Jack Ketchum

Published June 9, 2014 by Shadow Girl

Right to Life (Cemetery Dance Novella Series, #4)Right to Life by Jack Ketchum
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked this book, but the entire time I was reading it – I kept comparing it to Perfect Victim: The True Story of “The Girl in the Box”. The stories aren’t just similar – some details are practically identical (once artistic license is removed).
Colleen Stan was threatened with stories of ‘The Organization’, and the head-box was so detailed that it couldn’t have been from anywhere else.
It’s a good story, but the true story of Colleen Stan is horrifying.
If you’re a fan of True Crime, read Perfect Victim: The True Story of “The Girl in the Box”.

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4 comments on “Right To Life by Jack Ketchum

    • I didn’t come off as ‘catty’, did I? 🙂 I really didn’t mean to, and now that I’m looking at it – I need to say more positive things about the story, rather than comparing it to something else. It is a great book.
      I should have checked dates, and maybe looked up some facts – since a lot of his books are ‘based on true events’, he might have mentioned a connection (?)
      I hate being so behind in my reviews, because I do things like this – then obsess over it until I change it completely.
      PERFECT VICTIM fucked me up for a little while. Great book – might be time to read it again! I think I still have the paperback…


      • Your review was fine. You write some good reviews. I might be bias, but the one you wrote about my book was the best. Something about using the computer voice fixing grammar errors. 🙂

        I am still waiting for your review(s) of my short story fiction.


        • I’m so behind! I had a little… ‘forced vacation’, and am still playing ‘catch-up’!
          I have two days off now, and my #1 project is to at least mark books I’ve read as READ on Goodreads, and make a new shelf for ‘Read: Need to Review” – it will get me a little bit of a better filing system. I hope, anyway!


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