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A TASTE OF YOUR FEARS – Personalized Horror Stories written by Matt Shaw

A TASTE OF YOUR FEARS is the first collection of personalized horror stories written for us – his fans.
I am the proud owner of a ‘Literature-Ly You’ personalized horror short from Matt, and I couldn’t be happier! It is a one of a kind, and it is much cooler to brag that I have an original Shaw on my book-shelf, instead of an original Kandinsky on my wall!
A TASTE OF YOUR FEARS has six novellas, a ‘taste’ of what he will do for you when he receives your finished questionnaire. You tell him your worst fears, and he brings them to life, forever immortalized in the land of literature. Do you have a fear of spiders? Emma does. And, after reading TOXIN, she has since been admitted to the local asylum in Brattleboro. Are you Peter’s second biggest fan? Suzanne thinks so, and she got exactly what she’d hoped for, and more, in AN UNEXPECTED DATE.
‘INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR’ is the title of mine.
My Fan of the Week status and contest winning abilities get me some one on one time with my favorite author. Leaving my husband behind, I’m whisked away to the UK for the trip of a lifetime!
Are you strong enough to face your fears? If you’re not ready for that, how about visiting THE CABIN to see what your experiences would be while there? Maybe you’d like to visit the mall from SMILE, and meet a certain clown? Or, be naughty… have your in-laws murdered, or your boss BURIED ALIVE!
These stories can also be commissioned as gifts for your favorite literature lover! Have an anniversary coming up? How about surprising your one and only with a little love novella in the style of ROMANCE IS DEAD? With the holidays fast approaching, give all your friends A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER!!
I think this is a brilliant idea, and in the words of my great friend, Grizz…(who got me this most perfect gift), “it would be a crime if any true fan didn’t own one!

Included within this book is an introduction to the “Literature-Ly You” service and a collection of just some of those stories.
Literature-Ly You” is the new service offered by horror author Matt Shaw whereby he invites his readers the opportunity to star in their very own short story based upon their fears and phobias (some normal, some not so normal) …

Written for Emma, OLDER is a short horror story about birthdays, and the fear of growing older. It’s a nice twist on the age old advice – ‘Be careful what you wish for!’
I especially like the symbolism of blowing out the candles of the birthday cake.

Emma & Peter’s story awoke something inside of Matt, and TOXIN turned out to be the story that inspired THE INFESTATION. I don’t know how he does it, but Matt made spiders even more terrifying than they already are!

Patient 247:
Barry is going to see a new psychiatrist, but will this one be able to help? They all promise to help find the happiness he’s longed for, should he trust this new doctor?
I have a feeling that he listed Matt’s story SMILE as something that freaked him out, too!

Unexpected Date

An Unexpected Date:
Leave it to Suzanne to think of THE ABSOLUTE BEST IDEA for a personalized horror story! She wanted to spend some time with her favorite serial killer, and she got it!!

The Dummy:
This is the first story I remember seeing, and if the cover that Matt made for Lisa doesn’t frighten you away – this personalized story about a ventriloquist dummy will give you nightmares for days!

Light of my Life:
Heather and Doug’s story got me anxious while reading it! I can totally see & understand this phobia! And, the ending… are you effing kidding me!?
Oh, but the symbolism… You have a poetic soul, Matt.

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