The Bighead by Ed Lee

Never have I been so ashamed of myself for laughing so hard at something so utterly depraved!

The Bighead (Author's Preferred Version)The Bighead by Edward Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“She stove the baby’s head in with a cast-iron skillet. The head burst like a pale, ripe fruit.” So begins splatterpunk author Lee’s infamous 1997 novel, the reading of which has become a rite of passage for gore-hounds everywhere. Many call it the grossest book ever written—and, for once, the hype ain’t hyperbole. Two new friends, big-city nyphomaniac Jerrica and small-town nymphomaniac-in-training Charity, travel to the latter’s Appalachian hometown, where they meet a foul-mouthed priest who has been tasked with restoring a mysterious abbey. Elsewhere in town, two slobbering, insane, and horny backwoods moonshiners tirelessly rape and murder random people in ways that are, shall we say, creative. Also entering into the fun is the hydrocephalatic cannibal known as the Bighead, “a deformed, woods-rompin’, brain-eatin’, pussy-bustin’ retart!” How to review something so revolting? There must be 50 over-the-top sex scenes, half of them assaults, and many of them involving orifices not typically awarded the spotlight. (Spoiler: one involves a colostomy bag.) The problem for those looking to chuck this book into the wood-chipper is that Lee can actually write, and in those rare moments when he’s not giving into his deviant obsessions, his expansive vocabulary and ear for hill-country slang make for some swell readin’: “Gawd damn, but weren’t it good ta et a raw brain busted fresh out the skull!” Got a strong stomach? Fine, then, but we’d still recommend having a barf bag at the ready. –Daniel Kraus —

I am following the Facebook page for the movie they’re trying to make. (Edward Lee’s The Bighead – The Movie)
The more I read, the more convinced I became – convinced that the film cannot be done! At least, not in regards to the book!
This graphic sex, rape, bodily fluid, and scat filled book was enough to literally make me nauseous – almost losing the battle once or twice!
If you haven’t read the book, then the movie might turn out to be one of the best horror / torture porn movies since the original HOSTEL. But, movie goers who did did read the book first – they’ll be expecting #MurderPorn, and nothing short of Bighead’s descriptive culinary experiences will abide. It’s going to be a rough road for director Michael Lee. As for the fans – it’s hard to say…
*(EDITED IN NOTE: News from a fan, and from the director – “…we have managed to get the short film made and are still in talks to get a feature version going (sometime soon, we hope).”.

I’ve read a lot of stories from Ed Lee, (I’m on an extreme horror / splatterpunk binge), and I am always looking forward to starting something by him that ALL my friends have read -but I wasn’t prepared to dwell into the places that The Bighead considered home!
I did enjoy reading this, in spite of Lee’s over-the-top-ness! I had moments where my laughter would accidentally turn into, or cause, a gag – but I’d still be cracking up!
I think the 5th star would have made it, if the poo hadn’t been there!
P, L, & N

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UPDATE – 5/21/14

Update from Dread Central, includes VIDEO TRAILER

The HollyShorts Film Festival is held annually in August, but to keep the momentum going all year, the organizers have monthly screenings of outstanding short films. As it turns out, one of them, The Bighead, was a little too much for the audience to handle. Read onfor the details…

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9 replies on “The Bighead by Ed Lee”

Hi Becki,
A friend sent me a link to your page. Nice review of a book that is tricky to get the masses to show any interest in. Just in case you’re curious, we have managed to get the short film made and are still in talks to get a feature version going (sometime soon, we hope). Check out our Facebook page for details, previews, and other bits of fun. I think the short does manage to bring Lee’s world to life (and he agrees as well), but hopefully you can see it and judge for yourself one of these days.
Cheers (from a fellow Detroit guy)!

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Michael! That’s awesome – thanks for having a look here, and for knowing that anything I said [about how hard adapting this for film might be] is in no way a dig towards you. I appreciate that.
I have been following your FB page for the movie, but I admit that I didn’t check in as much as I should have. NOW it’s on my interests links, so posts should show in my timeline.
David mentioned the short, and I’m dying to see it!!
Actually, if you’re interested & have the time… I can redo this post, or do a brand new one – (oh! Ideas!) – I’d LOVE to ask you stuff! Why did you choose this particular story, if you’re going for a big release – how difficult has it been to work around MPAA guidelines, and most importantly… tell me about Ed Freaking Lee!!
AND… When talking about the book’s writer, and the film’s writer/director… do I add the phrase – “No relation.”?
If David hasn’t had the chance to pass along my message yet, I want you to know that I’d love to be able to help get the word out. If you ever want to share a teaser trailer, or let people know that there is important news, or updates – this blog, and the Shadow Girl fb page, are yours. BBB isn’t famous or anything, (yet), but it’s got some reach, and the target audience is right. 😉
One day, as we’re ducking paparazzi and autograph seekers, we’re gonna look back on these ‘I KNEW YOU WHEN‘ moments, and laugh!
Talk soon, neighbor!
Peace, Love, and Necrophilia ❤
~ SG / Becki


DREAD CENTRAL has been on top of this!
DC posted three articles, (linked to from IMDB)

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Trailer Debut for Edward Lee’s The Bighead by Michael Ling
5 March 2013 2:00 PM, PST | |

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Michael Ling Discusses Upcoming Short Film Edward Lee’s The Bighead
14 March 2013 11:51 AM, PDT | |

The Bighead Causes an Uproar at HollyShorts Monthly Screening
11 November 2013 8:00 AM, PST | |


Hey again, Thanks for kind words and no worries about any “dig”…I didn’t take it that way. I’d love to chat more with you, too….just let me know what you’re thinking and we can take it from there. A new Q/A post sounds like fun, though to answer the pressing question, my last name is Ling (not Lee) so no, no relations 🙂
Though (Ed) Lee would find that pretty fucking funny and I like to think of him as my crazy (talented) uncle or something anyway.
Drop me an email when you have a second and we can go from there.
Looking forward to it!



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