Killer Clowns, Evil Tramps and a Vampire.

A great review for K.M. Tepe’s SLAUGHTERTOWN CIRCUS, along with some awesome words for FLESH HARVEST by Jacob Rayne. (That’s on my TBR, now!!)

2 replies on “Killer Clowns, Evil Tramps and a Vampire.”

Wow!…Thank you, Shadow Girl! I adore Slaughter Circus and the work K. M. Tepes put into the writing. We adore the writing appearing so easy & fail to recognize the craft behind it.

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You just opened my eyes to JACOB RAYNE – and added more books on my TBR! I just came from Goodreads, don’t know what to read first! Probably FLESH HARVEST 😉
Have you talked to K.M. Tepe (online)? I adore her!!


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