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Wicked Smart Carnie by Mark Matthews

Wicked Smart Carnie
by Mark Matthews


A young man’s visit to the carnival revels secrets of the Carnie culture that leaves him changed forever. Read what happened that compels him to go back to the Carnival, year after year, looking for the prize that eluded him.

A short story of 2500 words. Included is the prologue to the novel, “On the Lips of Children”

I can’t give a a description that’s more witty than the Amazon synopsis. A 30 year old man tells the story of one particular trip to the carnival when he was just 13 years old. He stands at a game on the midway, the one where you throw the dull darts an under-inflated balloons, and he’s admiring the prizes. The rock band t-shirts are off center and obviously bootlegged, but he wants one nonetheless. He knows he would peacock that shirt through the halls at school on Monday!
But, the barker came up with a better way for him to get that coveted shirt – and he could keep that five bucks in his pocket! Just cart a box of shirts from the trailer back to the midway – easy peasy, right?

Mark Mathews is from Detroit, too!
Another fantabulous Michigan author – we’re turning out to be one hell of a state for horror writers!!
Looks like the Michigan Madmen publisher should put out another anthology – I’ll see if I can introduce all the recent madmen to the original three 😉

This story first appeared as part of the Dark Carnival Project by writing blogger Pen and Muse – looks like I need to find the Dark Carnival Project! Sounds like something that should be included in the special post I’ve been working on!!

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