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BAIT by Micah Ackerman

BAIT by Micha Ackerman


A short story about a Connecticut man who finds a horrifying way to make a living off of the sea. Sampson’s life was going downhill until an accident changed everything. The only thing he lost in the process was his humanity. This horrifying story about a fisherman who finds a gruesome way to improve his catch is inspired by a true story.

Wow. Eleven pages sounds short, but there was a lot of story in them!
This fisherman loves nothing more than being out on the ocean. It’s so relaxing. The sound of the waves, the gentle rocking of the boat, and his new process of baiting his traps.
It says it’s based on a true story, and I’ll try to find out what it is & share some links.
I’m looking forward to reading his Urban Legend THE MAN WITH THE WHITE FACE

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