Apartment 23A by Eugene Cusie

Apartment 23AApartment 23A by Eugene W. Cusie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I see many 2 and three star reviews for this title, and maybe I can bypass other reviewer’s reasons because I listened to the majority of this instead of physically reading it.
Before you go off your nut about the robotic Kindle voice, let me clear up a couple things…
The robotic voice is strange at first, but only for a minute. I got used to it very quick – it doesn’t bother me at all anymore. (My husband chalks it up to my imagination.)
There was a few hour window of my life when I believed I was getting a KindleHD instead of the Next Gen Kindle, so I was reading up on the differences between them. That’s when I learned about IVONA VOICE SYNTHESIZER. I downloaded the synthesizer onto my phone, with a couple different voices, and it’s really cool. After playing with Kendra’s pitch, and Amy’s speed, I ended up with two voices I like. One American, and one British. (I’m looking for a British dude’s voice – then I’ll be really happy!)
So, maybe that’s why I didn’t notice any editing problems, which looks to be the main reason most reviewers gave two and three star reviews. I got to focus on the story about Robert Jenkins, and I really enjoyed it.
Robert is skipping back and forth between insanity and reality so much that he can’t decipher which is which anymore. Did he and his wife separate because she cheated on him, or did he bury her in the back yard? When he meets someone new, is he still married, or is he a widower? Do his nightmares have anything to do with the one’s he had when he was twelve? And, does his new apartment hold the key to putting everything back in place – or destroying it once and for all?
Possible spoiler here-
(view spoiler)
***I stopped and made notes in a couple spots, because I don’t know if the author was trying to be funny, or if I’m just a lunatic now…
There are a couple bits that are very gory and descriptive!
I laughed out loud while he was dismembering his wife, and he threw up inside of her! Too bad, too, because his sausage biscuit sounded pretty tasty – before it mixed with the contents of her stomach.
Another thing that made me chuckle, and might be adopted as one of my new ‘go to’ sayings… “this big yellow crowbar should be just the thing to help her shut the fuck up!”
Very nice.***
Check your library, there’s a good chance you might already own this! I downloaded it, on sale, in Feb 2013! I don’t know how I forgot about it, but I wish I’d have read it sooner. I need to check out more work from Eugene Cusie – I know I have at least two more titles in my Kindle TBR queue right now!

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4 replies on “Apartment 23A by Eugene Cusie”

I do have An Apartment by the Road! I have The Alley, too, and I’m looking forward to reading them. They are on my carousel now, instead of lost in my library 🙂 (I keep trying different forms of filing, but I haven’t found a way that works for me yet.)
So, are you telling me I’m not twisted, and you meant to make us chuckle? 😉


I love 80’s horror!
Motel Hell, Prom Night, Mother’s Day, Happy Birthday To Me, April Fools Day… so many great memories! I JUST rewatched one that I rented every weekend as a kid, Blood Sucking Freaks. Wow. So bad! Haha! But, that was part of the appeal ❤


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