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Do you judge a book by it’s cover?



I would say that I’d read anything from here just to expose myself to something different and new, but you guys would see right through that shit, and I bet at least three of you (you know who you are!) would call me on my bullshit right in the comments!
As neat as this is, I think I’d still be a little afraid to pay $30 for an unseen book. (The one shown in the pic is priced at seventeen and change). My cynical, and untrusting inner-self would be screaming – “These are the books that didn’t sell when new, and didn’t sell on the discount rack!”
Maybe one day…

Leave me a comment!

If every book was priced $20.00, would you try this?

Why, or why not?

If not, what would you be willing to fork over?
– I might do it for $10.00. (That’s what she said…)

Underneath that Brown wrapper, I know what the [main] book being shown in the pic is (Go, Me!) Take off the text I added on the top left & comment what you think the title is!

P, L, & N


3 replies on “Do you judge a book by it’s cover?”

I agree, I think $5 is the price point for something like this. Considering you can get most books for Kindle for 4.99 or less, I think it’s the right pricing that would get people to try this. I’ve downloaded several books that I wouldn’t have otherwise because of a $1.99 kindle price – I didn’t mind taking a chance on it.


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