Interviewing the Fictitious: Buffy Summers

Head over to Sunnydale with Dave as he interviews the bad-ass Buffy Summers! Keeping a Valentine theme going here, find out what Buffy has to say about Angel, Spike, and Riley, true love, and poor friend-zoned Xander.

Dave's Corner of the Universe


                It’s dark, even with a bright full moon. The cemetery is full of leafless trees, and eerie marble monuments to the dead, and then that Nerf Herder song starts going through my mind.  Words do not describe how creeped out I feel right now. I want to run away screaming in terror. Then I see her.

                She is young and blonde and conventional wisdom says she shouldn’t be out here alone. She looks up, ”Oh, there you are…I hope that you don’t mind meeting me here. There is just so much I have to do…The only way I could squeeze your interview talkie-thingy was while I am on patrol.”

She is Buffy Ann Summers. The Slayer! (Spelled capital T-h-e space capital S-l-a-y-e-r exclamation mark.) The chosen one of this generation, called to protect us from unworldly evils. I feel immensely safer in her presence despite her small…

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