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Tastes of Horror by Matt Shaw

Isn’t this cover great?!

This is the perfect collection!
SMILE, BURIED, THE 8th, THE CABIN, HAPPY EVER AFTER, and the never before seen short – THE WARD.
Each one a 5 Star story, and each one a different flavor of horror.
When you finish this, you’ll be emotionally drained… loosing your little brother at the mall and feeling the dread that Alex feels, waking up and realizing you might be buried alive and trying not to panic, getting relentlessly bullied at school until you finally SNAP, being terrorized by an unseen enemy… all these emotions only scratch the surface! I’m not mentioning the points where I had sudden allergy attacks & my eyes started watering!
Rounding things up is the voyeuristic view of Peter & Vanessa in HEA – a love story like no other, and finally…
‘The Ward’ which drags you through seven layers of emotional trauma!
If you’ve never read anything by Matt Shaw – this is the perfect book to start with.
If you’re a lifelong fan – it’s a ‘must have’ for your collection.
The introduction is brilliant, and the cover is one of the best.
I wish I could rate this higher!

The Amazon page says…

*Over 700 pages of horror stories – catering to the many varied tastes of horror – from Matt Shaw*

This book is a collection of Matt Shaw’s most popular horror stories including a new introduction and a previously unreleased short story. Please see below for the contents:


Alex’s mum was tired and over-worked. Holding down a full-time job, keeping the house clean and looking after the children – the youngest of which was still a handful with his ADHD as they tried to get the medication right – she just wanted a break. Even if it were only for an afternoon – so she sent Alex to the shopping mall, with his younger brother who was throwing a tantrum because he wanted to go to the toy store to spend his pocket money. She never once thought Alex would lose his younger brother in the crowds.

And no one would have guessed how the day would have ended or just how many more children were missing.

I’ve stopped panicking now. Not because I’m not scared. I just know panicking won’t help the situation. It’ll only serve to make it worse. Need to try and remain calm for as long as possible. Control my breathing. Save my oxygen. I breathed in and coughed. The air in here is stale. I hope I’m not in here for long. Please, dad. Don’t let me be here for long. Please. I started to cry. Helpless.

The 8TH

Moving from school to school is never easy. You’re constantly struggling to catch up to the level of the other students. You’re forever meeting new friends just to have to leave them and establish new colleagues at the new schools. You always find yourself lost in the never-ending maze of corridors as you battle to get to grips with where everything is…

But it’s worse when the more unfriendly students decide to take an instant dislike to you. Tormenting you each day…Pushing you to see how long it is before you’re going to snap. Wondering what you’re going to do in retaliation to their harsh words and cruel pranks. Are you going to stand up to them or are you going to be yet another pupil who goes out of their way to avoid them whilst crying yourself to sleep until you feel as though you can’t take the suffering anymore?

You’re going to stand up to them of course. You’re going to turn the tables on them. You’re going to be the teacher to a very special class. A class where the lessons will be heard through-out the world…Lessons which will never be forgotten.

This is your classroom now and lessons will be learned.

The Cabin

“You’d never see the ghosts, not properly. You’d only catch a glimpse of their shapes out of the corner of your eye and you’d hear their stolen, vengeful scream; an ear-piercing shriek to steal the lives of anyone who heard it.”

For Craig, the trip to the cabin was supposed to be a quiet retreat from his hectic city life where he could concentrate on writing his latest novel. For his wife, Susan, and his two kids, Jamie and Ava, it was supposed to be a weekend vacation.

For all of them, it became a nightmare.

Happy Ever After

If it’s just you and me, together, for the rest of our lives – no-one else to mess things up… could you ever love me?

Peter loves Vanessa. He loves her a lot and is looking forward to starting a nice life with her, and only her. No one else to get in the way and mess up their beautiful relationship. He’ll do anything for her. Absolutely anything to make her happy. Anything to see that beautiful smile of hers. Anything to live happily ever after with her.
The only problem is – Vanessa doesn’t know Peter and, more importantly, understand why she is cuffed to the dining room table.

Told through the eyes of the two people living the story, follow Peter as he keeps Vanessa prisoner hoping that she will fall in love with him and follow Vanessa as she desperately looks for a way out of this hell.

Bonus short story: The Ward

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