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SERIAL by Jack Kilborn / Blake Crouch [Revised/Updated]


SERIAL is a horror novella written by Blake Crouch and Jack Kilborn, aka J.A. Konrath. This is disturbing stuff. Perhaps too disturbing.
If you can handle horrific thrills, proceed at your own risk.
But if you suffer from anxiety attacks, nervous disorders, insomnia, nightmares or night terrors, heart palpitations, stomach problems, or are of an overly sensitive nature, you should read something else instead.
The authors are in no way responsible for any lost sleep, missed work, failed relationships, or difficulty in coping with life after you have read SERIAL. They will not pay for any therapy you may require as a result of reading SERIAL. *They will not cradle you in their arms, rock you back and forth, and speak in soothing tones while you unsuccessfully try to forget SERIAL.*
You have been warned.
~ J.A. Konrath

Well, you know what Shadow Girl says about warnings…

SerialSerial by Jack Kilborn / Blake Crouch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

About the Authors:
BLAKE CROUCH is the author of five novels and numerous short stories, including Run, Desert Places, and the Serial series. His website is
JACK KILBORN is the pen name of J.A. Konrath. Under the name Jack Kilborn, he wrote the horror novels Afraid, Trapped, Endurance, and Draculas.
J.A. KONRATH is the author of seven novels in the Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels thriller series. The latest is Shaken, published by AmazonEncore. Visit Jack and J.A. at

The Twin Golden Rules of Hitchhiking:

# 1: Don’t go hitchhiking, because the driver who picks you up could be certifiably crazy.
# 2: Don’t pick up hitchhikers, because the traveler you pick up could be a raving nutcase.

So what if, on some dark, isolated road, Crazy #1 offered a ride to Nutcase #2?


Why had I not read this yet?!
Honestly, I remember reading the plot –
(view spoiler)
and I’ve gone through my Jack Ketchum novels numerous times looking for that synopsis.
Chalk it up to a Derp Moment, a blonde moment, sheer stupidity, whatever. I’ve read it now!
HAVE YOU? WHY NOT?! You’ve got nothing better to do right now – go read it.
It’s a short story – I’ll wait…

I went back after the story to read about the writing process, I think a project like this would make me insane! Matt Shawand Michael Bray just completed ‘ART’ with the same process, and the masters got into it on a larger scale with Sixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road. I don’t know how to contain my excitement long enough for that! I tried a few times on a fun project with Art (Grizz), and could never hold on to my bits – always sent them within a day!!


If you’ve read this, and all the other pieces related to it…
I have Killers Uncut – that’s not what I need, is it? I want Bad Girl: Prequel to Serial and Truck Stop – what else?
Is everything in Serial Uncut: Extended Edition or Serial Killers Uncut?
Talk to me – I want to get these today… now. Want to read BAD GIRL right now.
Make a chronological list if you think that’s what my Derp needs!! Haha!
I’ll post the list, in order, if someone responds, or when I Google it. WATCH FOR IT! You’ll need it!

GoodReads Reviews or Cover to Cover: Blog Reviews


I was just looking at some of the reviews of this book on, and I refuse to start flame wars in comment sections so I didn’t call anyone out on their stupidity… It’s taking all my self control!
People are reviewing – “Two of the short stories in this book made no sense…”
Almost every 1 & 2 star reviews I took the time to look at said the same thing!!
How do people function in their day to day lives?

* In case you haven’t read the book, the “Other 2 short stories” that the geniuses hated so much – they’re the introduction and the author interview.

SERIAL on (Includes reading order)

I’ve never seen Shelfari until now… what a kick ass site!!

P, L, & N ❤

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