1-1-14 Word Of The Day: Inchoation

Published January 1, 2014 by Shadow Girl




in·cho·a·tion [in-koh-ey-shuhn]
* noun – a beginning; origin.

“Three things cannot but exist towards all animated beings from the nature of divine justice; co-sufferance in the circle of inchoation, because without that none could attain the perfect knowledge of any thing…”
John Williams, The Ecclesiastical Antiquities of the Cymry, 1844


— adj
1. just beginning; incipient
2. undeveloped; immature; rudimentary
3. (of a legal document, promissory note, etc) in an uncompleted state; not yet made specific or valid

— vb
4. to begin

[C16: from Latin incohāre to make a beginning, literally: to hitch up, from in- ² + cohum yokestrap]


— adv


— n


— n


— adj

3 comments on “1-1-14 Word Of The Day: Inchoation

    • It’s funny that I don’t mind admitting that I’m LOVING this bit of glorious nerd Heaven… I downloaded the Dictionary.com app on/for my Kindle – It’s great! And, I visited the actual dot com… even more fun there!
      The app has a Word of the Day, [Today is: CEDE] (I post them on Tumblr), and really interesting ‘slideshow’… thingys. This one is great – a New Year theme… ‘Nine Words About Beginnings‘ – maybe I’m just feeling squishy because it’s New Year’s and my birthday, so I get all inspired… Want to LEARN!
      But, I’ve checked the app every day since I’ve gotten it!
      I’m keeping track of every word I look up this year, too. (Started early because of a couple great ones!)
      #FunFact – The Dictionary.com app and the WeatherChannel.com app (I use both – faithfully), are linked/sponsored with/by a Rewards program, (MPoints) I’m earning points toward Amazon, already earned two $1.00 gift cards. Husband is using his Weather Channel points toward Home Depot, or maybe he switched it to Timmy Ho’s … loves his coffee 🙂 (Holy Chit, there’s a game I used to play all the time on there, too! More points for me! – Yay!)
      Ive added most links into this, if you ever wanna check anything out.
      Iow, I’m chatty tonight! Sorry ’bout that!


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