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THE DIAPER MAN by Vincent Todarello

The Diaper ManThe Diaper Man by Vincent Todarello
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I feel like a treasure hunter who stumbled upon a chest of gold – but, I suppose that’s what we are. Readers, always hunting for riches.
The Diaper Man is the first installment in Vincent Todarello‘s forthcoming collection of short stories inspired by actual events on Long Island. 1. I’m excited to read that whole collection, and 2. How effed up is that?! ::winks:: Read this, you’ll understand what I mean.
I love a creepy, abandoned asylum, and that is the backdrop of this short. It’s done in a good way, too – not just a prop for the sake of putting it on the cover.
A group of teens go exploring the old asylum, looking for places to shoot their low-budget zombie flick, and good course they’re talking about the old stories about The Diaper Man. What guy wouldn’t use this opportunity to try & scare some lovin out of his g/f?
The deeper in they get, the more disturbing things they find. Could the stories possibly be TRUE?
Like an 80’s horror movie, & full of things I love! Graphic violence, (a moment or three that made me cringe), a slow, stalking killer, creative deaths, no hope for anyone…

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