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SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DIE! By William Todd Rose

Shut The Fuck Up And Die! by William Todd Rose

What a great cover!!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Outstanding Read!!
It’s a book that lives up to its warnings, and that was a blessing! I can’t tell you how many times I was falsely lured into reading a story that was nothing like the warnings, synopsis, or even the cover!
At one point, I was convinced that I was the sick & twisted one for wanting to read something…more. Now I now that I was just looking in the wrong places.
I’m not comparing WTR’s work to anyone, I’m only saying that this book now shares a shelf with Lee, Laymon, and Shaw, (to name a few).
I hate to use a term that has been so over-used, but it is fitting here – so when I call this family backwoods, know that terms like “culturally backward” or “unsophisticated” just don’t describe the kind of fu©ed up that they are! When a newlywed couple with car trouble crosses paths with the brothers, things really get fun!
You can expect blood & graphic details, but you won’t expect the twists & turns!

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