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SPOILER POST for My Beautiful Suicide

This is the SPOILER VIEW of the review of MY BEAUTIFUL SUICIDE
DO NOT READ THIS VERSION unless you’ve finished the book, or are prepared to view details that may spoil your enjoyment of Atty’s book.
Read the ORIGINAL – SPOILER FREE version

Cosette Hugo is living in a world of terror. She’s being stalked and tortured by a vicious enemy, while the world leaders turn a blind eye to the daily atrocities.
You guessed it, Cosette is in high-school!

Cozy has been going through a lot of emotional turmoil – her parents have divorced, her brother Victor was killed shortly after returning home from Iraq, and on top of it all – she’s being bullied at school, but has no idea why. She just wants to get through this last week of school so she can enjoy her bully free winter break.
Outside of school, the town is in a panic over the Poser Gang, who’s list of victims is growing at an alarming rate, and hitting closer to home than she is comfortable with.
Like the title suggests, her emotions lead her to a very final decision… suicide. When Cosette makes the decision to end her life, she is worried about the people she’s leaving behind. Instead of leaving them with the questions, guilt, or shame that her suicide may bring, she believes that getting herself killed might be a better way to go. She chooses to try and become one of The Poser’s victims – but this decision brings out a darker side of her that she never knew existed. A side that excites and terrifies her at the same time.

A deeper look : Includes Spoilers
[Cosette Hugo’s nemisis is Hilda Dyson. Hilda sucks as much as the vacuum, she’s a rotten bitch – and she is Cozy’s Kriptonite.
When Cozy stumbles onto the scene of a Poser attack in progress, something inside her rises up. Anger is drowning out the fear she should be feeling – she cannot let this continue while she stands by and does nothing! As she steps in, she is shocked to see that the victim is none other than Hilda Dyson! Hilda’s attacker is killed in the confrontation, and Cozy cannot be tied into this! Not in any way, shape or form! She makes sure there is nothing on scene that could expose any part of her involvement, makes sure Hilda gets help, then hauls ass.
The idea of these guys in the Poser gang doing this to anyone else makes her blood boil, and this is how she decides to become their next victim. It would take the pain of her suicide off of her family & friends, and if she could take the gang down with her… bonus! Too bad nothing is ever as easy as we imagine.
The problem? Each time she tries to make herself the victim, she ends up killing her attacker! This is where the book takes a wonderfully unexpected and dark turn. Each time Cozy tries to put herself in harm’s way with someone, it awakens something within her – a darker part of herself that enjoys inflicting pain on those who deserve it. She comes down off that high each time like she is sobering up from the effects of a drug. But, just like with a drug, that part of her that is sickened by her actions is quieted each time the high is presented again.
During all this, Cosette is trying to live a normal life. She is trying to make her final days with her mom drama-free, but that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Her mom meets a new friend while on duty at the hospital as a nurse, you’ll see how that impacts their life.
Cozy starts to spend more time with Chris during Winter Break, and they eventually become a couple. Chris has some secrets of his own & they begin a Bonnie and Clyde type relationship. There is one outing in particular that blew my mind! (An even darker side of Cozy is shown, and I hope that this will be a part of any future stories from Atty Eve in this series – In whatever direction the series will end up going.)
Her dad and his new wife (and new life) are the cause of some emotional events after Christmas – Events that will strain the Father/Daughter dynamic. You’ll find out if their bonds are strong enough, or if they break completely.
Her friends are around, too. All these things are included and make the story even better. It may sound like it adds up to a lot, but it ended before I was ready to leave their world! It’s very well balanced.
I could keep going & going until I revealed every single detail of this – but then you wouldn’t read My Beautiful Suicide and I cannot let that happen! So, PLEASE, hurry up and read it so you can come back and talk about it with me!! (hide spoiler)]

SINCE YOU’VE VIEWED THIS SPOILER POST, I’m betting you’ve finished the book. Feel free to post any comments here on this post if you’d like to discuss this story!! It’s one of my favorite things… talking about a book I love with other people who have read & enjoyed it!!
So – What are you waiting for? LET’S CHAT!!

6 replies on “SPOILER POST for My Beautiful Suicide”

I was just reading the reviews on Amazon – and they are all glowing, five star reviews. Except for one. One person has to be a dick, post a one star review, and trash something he obviously didn’t fully read. And, what about ANY PART of the title or cover would make anyone think this is a children’s book?
People like that make me angry.
If you legit don’t like a book – that’s fine! Leave a constructive review, don’t bash the author, their fans, and spew nothing but hatred and stupidity.


Awesome review! Thank you. I’m glad my one star is from someone who obviously didn’t read the book. I know dark and twisted is not for everyone, i guess that’s why there’s a ‘confirm purchase’ button.


Atty 😀
I had a hard time writing this, that’s why there are two versions.
In another day, you won’t see them posted together on my front page – the spoiler page should only be seen by clicking on a link. (Actually, the only reason I posted the Goodreads blog here is because that SPOILER link SHOULD have worked!! Clicking ‘view spoiler’ was supposed to open up all the text on that same page, it should have magically appeared! Haha!! Alas… *POOF* revealed … nutin’!
The Amazon review is a little different, and I plan on Smashwords being fresh, too. Oh, library thing! I need to visit there, too!

Now, about Mr. Troll…
His review pissed me off so bad! I don’t feel up to a flame war right now, so I haven’t told him off yet. But, I’m reminded of my author buddy Call Miller’s responses to people who leave shitty comments on his Amazon pages… he cracks me up! On one particularly bad review, he commented back… “Mom, I told you not to post here!”
*I haven’t found the exact post yet, but here is an example of him commenting back ‘nicely’ on a shitty comment for his book THE ZOMBIE’s SURVIVAL GUIDE: Thrive In The Zombie Apocalypse After You Turn…
*HERE IT IS! Haha!! –

I hope these made you smile! That guy is just a trolling bag of douche. Want to play with him? 😉


Those are too funny! I would tell my mom not to post – but she agrees with the troll and doesn’t support my book 😦 She asked how i could write something so sinister and dark. I told her maybe it has something to do with my childhood. hehehehe


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