Morbidly SEXY

Published November 12, 2013 by Shadow Girl

I read something interesting today.
Another season of Dexter is in ‘talks’.
Would you be pissed? Like… You went through the last season, invested your emotions, were disappointed, but then accepted it as over.

Yes, I’d be a little pissed. But – I’d watch. In a heartbeat!


2 comments on “Morbidly SEXY

  • Breaking Bad and Dexter are my two favorite shows. I don’t have Showtime so i have to wait until the DVDs come out. I haven’t seen the last season yet but from what i’ve read i will be disappointed. I think i will like the last season better knowing there will be another to make up for the ending of the 8th. Like I have a hope that no one else had watching the final episodes, it would make season 8 better for me.


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