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A few words from Grizz…

You know my Grizz. The man behind the ‘stache, the one responsible for the Grizztion Fiction you’ve grown to know and love. Grizz = Art. Literally & figuratively. In the literal sense, me & Art talk books. A lot. He’s got his favorites, and it’s not too often that he gets super excited about something new. He doesn’t usually finish a book and immediately search the author, their library, their Facebook, etc… So, when he recently showed a bit of his FanBoy side – I knew that he’d struck literary gold.
The following is his review of COYOTE by Chantal Noordeloos
Chantal has a new horror story coming out in WRAPPED IN RED: Thirteen Tales of Vampiric Horror and will be featured in the upcoming AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Coffin Hop edition – WATCH FOR IT!!
There will also be a chance for you to win a FREE copy of COYOTE: The Outlander, so don’t miss out! Be there or be zombie!! ::winks:: P, L, & N my pretties…

Coyote: The Outlander

shh... i'm incognito
shh… i’m incognito
Coyote: The Outlander by Chantal Noordeloos
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let’s see,
Western? Check.
Bounty Hunters? Check.
Beings from elsewhere? Check.

This book has so many things I enjoy that it was hard to put it down so I could sleep for my job.
The descriptions are vivid and strong enough to pull me right into the story as if I was in the room (invisible of course) and watching a real life movie happening around me.

Each character has been lovingly crafted to pop off of the pages.

Coyote as the lead will grab your heart, make you shy away a bit, and be just a tiny bit afraid of her. She’s one of those perfect characters that you can hope to stumble upon when browsing books or ebooks looking for something new and fun to read.

This is the first part of a series, and I am champing at the bit for the next installments.

Well done, madame storyteller, you have ensnared a forever loyal reader.

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