Damned Words 4

A little taste, something to wet your whistle with… One Image with Eight Different Viewpoints, eight fellow hoppers!

Pen of the Damned


Fillmore Street Park
Dan Dillard

He walked to the old bench at the Fillmore Street Park for his evening think. He’d done it for years. He was loving her that night. He’d done that for years as well. With a groan—his old bones protesting, he sat and smiled, wrinkling an old face. Children played while he slumped, his heart seizing. She came soon after, just to check on him. She had stayed behind to clean the dishes. Same thing every night of their marriage. The poisoned glass was something new. She tossed it in the trash and smiled, knowing it was no longer needed.

Name Your Poison
Blaze McRob

Two measuring beakers wait on the left. The poisons, skull and cross-bones displayed on the bottles, are sitting on the right.

The labels tell a story. Mix them all together and it spells one thing. Doom.

Two parts salt from Sodom…

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5 replies on “Damned Words 4”

Becki, you’re such a sweetheart 🙂 I’m so appreciative of your support (as well the Damned)..the fact that you do this freely speaks volumes about you…I’m thrilled that we’ve been able to claim you as a Damnling 😉


Omg, I love that I’m a DAMNLING!! ❤

Do you know that scene in 'Vegas Vacation', where the Griswolds are at the Hoover Dam, taking the Dam Tour? I can't get that out of my head, and am giggling like a child.
"Thank you for taking our Dam Tour, and if you have any Dam questions, ask your Dam Guide…"
"Where can I buy some damn bait?" (Or Dam bait, either way – it's hysterical when you're sleep deprived!)


lmao Yes, your rantings are that of a woman robbed of her rest 😛
And Vegas Vacation is a classic. Maybe I should take our Damned show on the road, hmm? A Damned World Tour. You can then transform from Damnling into Groupie (or Ghoulie, whichever your preference) and back again 😉 lol


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