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Christmas Night of the Living Dead by Bill Robertson

51YEqdRgEUL._SL110_Christmas Night of the Living Dead by Bill Robertson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s hard to discuss short stories without posting any spoilers, and without repeating the books synopsis. Hard, but not impossible.
This was a cute and quick holiday zombie tale. The author, Bill Robertson, came up with some great names for the elves!
Curl up with it before the end of the season.

After the deliveries are put behind them, and the season is officially over, the whole gang meets back up to celebrate at their annual end of the season party. And party they do! The egg nog moves them from happy to jolly in no time. Flirty co-workers & alcohol lead to one couple sneaking off for some rumpy-pumpy in a barn stall, other friends comparing the nights war wounds, and another elf being permanently friend-zoned. The party rushes forward as they drink to celebrate, toast, or forget, until they’re passed out.
On the morning after, Santa’s little hungover helpers awake to find blood everywhere, and the ground littered with pieces of their friends and some remaining parts of the reindeer. The North Pole is over-run with zombie elves due to a bite received while in South America.
Two survivors fight to stay alive, and look for Santa, to ensure there will be a Christmas next year.

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