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Evil Lurking WithinEvil Lurking Within by Matt Shaw
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m not ready to discuss, I want to be sure most of you have finished the story. It’s different, not what I expected – not that I can ever ‘expect’ anything from Matt!
Maybe I have a cold soul, but I did anticipate something totally effed up, in a different way. Maybe it’s there, and I’m becoming one of the sick & twizted myself?
You decide.
I loved the characters, and thinking that a kidnapper (fresh from a stint on the inside) is a ‘likeable kind of guy’ might say something about me that I’m not ready to face just yet. The napped kid is a smart little dude, not once annoying – as kids can tend to be. (Remember Lewis? Yeah.)
As usual, there were a couple lines that made me chuckle out loud, again… that says something about me ‘just ain’t right’. I can’t share the funny without giving you more information than you need right now. I went in almost blindly, and I’m hoping you will, too.
I’ll update this after a bit, after seeing the title moved over to more READ shelves than WANT TO READ.
Until then…
P, L, & N ❤

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