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Something is devouring Milo, and this time it isn’t just his guilty conscience.

Meet the Bentley brothers; Milo, a troubled young man who slaughters women at the behest of his cruel older brother, Spencer. Their already complicated lives slip into a spiral of madness when Milo is attacked by a werewolf during a routine body disposal. While Milo is unsure what is happening to him, Spencer finds he prefers the company of the wolf, and does everything he can to keep Milo from discovering the truth. The truth, however, is a complication all its own, with or without the beast.

The family that preys together stays together, in this wild take on the werewolf mythology.

Tonia has her favorite monsters, and it shows in her writing.
We all know that I love Tonia‘s zombies – just check out any of my reviews/discussions,*¹ but, I haven’t talked about her furry side before. Her werewolves have a certain charm about them, a … je ne sais quoi. I read HOUSE RULES on her blog, and fell in love with a grumpy & fuzzy Horace as he traded insults with Larry the vampire over drinks in a bar. I immediately downloaded Triple Shot of Werewolves & (pardon the pun) devoured it that night.
*¹(I don’t pad my reviews just cuz authors are my buddies or I think someone is cool, haha! Those reasons may lead me to picking up someone’s work, but not to give a false review.)
Devouring Milo is not like her other stories though. It’s darker, grittier, and more violent. (Yay!) We start off with a serial killer story. Two brutal & depraved brothers – Milo & Spencer – whose favorite hobby is inflicting pain on the women they think are deserving. So, what happens when these human monsters encounter a werewolf in the woods? A serial-were? Were-killer? Serial-wolf! Yeah! That sounds cool.
This would be a great story with just these details, but…Tonia can’t be satisfied with being merely great. She has to knock it up a notch – BAM! (Sorry, but a cooking show reference right here just made me laugh!) You get no hints or spoilers from me, though! Go download Devouring Milo now, then come back and talk about it!!

One last thing… Dear Tonia, I’m curious about how your sister sees Milo & Spence. One day, I’d love to hear the original idea!! xxoo =^.^=

One reply on “DEVOURING MILO by Tonia Brown”

Thank you so much for your generous review. I am so pleased you enjoyed it. 🙂 I think sister sees them pretty much the way I do, although originally Milo was a little more mentally slow at first, and became ‘smarter’ as the wolf developed. But I didn’t like the cliche of that so I dialed back on it. Milo just thinks he is stupid until the wolf gives him the confidence to realize just how clever he has always been, and to stand up to Spencer. I would love to talk about it in more detail with you some time. 😀


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