How To Help Authors

What do YOU do to help authors?
This is a really great post, and I’m going to check out AHA for more tips!!

All That's Written ...

“No man is an island …” I’ve used that idea before in one of my Random Musings, and it is something authors should realise when they try to sell their books. Or when they need an editor, proof-reader, cover designer, or beta-readers. We all need others to have our work be the best it can be. Even when you think you have no particular technical skill, there is always something you know, or can do which helps another author. Research you have done, or a site you’ve found to be very useful. You might know how a certain program works. There’s lots of things to help others with.

Because if you want help, you have got to give to get. Pay it forward and such. There are heaps of writer communities to be found online, but how do you know you’ve not found one filled with envious characters, who…

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