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Taken from the short story collection:
Strange Tales of the Curiously Uncommon

*An Amazon Top 10 Best Seller in Short Stories!*

A Curiously Uncommon Short Story by Award-Winning Author Andrew Biss
Ethel has had a hard time of things since her husband Wilfred passed away. But, she is learning to adapt, falling into a routine to help her cope. She sits down one evening to work on her daily crossword puzzle, and have a cup of tea. She chats with the picture of Wilfred that sits atop the antique trunk in her living room, she’s not crazy or senile – it just helps her to not miss him as much. Her quiet little world is interrupted when a burglar breaks in, thinking her home is vacant.
Ethel tries to engage the burglar in some chit-chat, to forge some sort of relationship with the man, but he’s not falling for it. He only wants to get her valuables and get out of there, because that smell is really starting to get to him!
And, he’s about to find out what that embarrassing door is.[In my Bad Santa impersonation] – Granny is still spry!

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