Don’t Try To Bully People Into Liking Your Page, It Makes You a Dick…

Etiquette be damned! I love this post!
I don’t ‘like’ every page that ‘likes’ mine, I do check everybody out, give them a fair chance. But, if you’re selling insurance, or your blog is in Swahili, chances are… I won’t return that “FAVOR”.
Another problem I have, I don’t get to check someone out fast enough & they try to guilt me. People! Really? I’m busy. I’m sorry. I have a job, I have a husband, I have a life.

I’ve made some good blogger friends & found some excellent sites. Take some tips from Kreepy Kim here, don’t be a dick! Chill out. Have some fun.

P, L, & N

KreepyKim's Freak Boutique

Hi folks!  I’m trying something, a twice a week thing… I meant for this post to be more about other parts of my life, but this really got me, so here goes…

This may offend some folks,  this is something done a lot by folks, and some may feel just fine with it… as usual, there is always a bit of profanity…

Having Facebook as the platform for my business currently, I have tried many things to “get the word out.” I visited so many zombie pages, horror pages, monster pages with pictures of my creations and a link.   There are also a great many communities, groups, and pages, where one can go and post links to a page.  Sometimes one goes on a “cruise,” where the page posts a thread, and all the folks who want in put  a “tag” (your business in blue) or a  link in…

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