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Face your fears!

Literature-Ly You.

£20.00 – your very own horror story based on your life and fears and access to the other personalised horror stories written (both already written and ones to be written in the future).

Email for further information

So far he’s had a lady who is scared of ventriloquist dummies (he said that was fun) and another lady who wanted to be part of her own Peter story (also great fun for him). (Before you ask, no… I wasn’t smart enough to think of commissioning my very own Peter story.) He is currently waiting for the completed questionnaire from the third victim…

People seem to like this though. For a small fee – they get their own personalised story and access to all other personalised stories, including ones he’ll be writing in the future. (For instance, if you order your own, you’ll have access to Suzanne’s story: AN UNEXPECTED DATE)

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