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Author Bowie Ibarra talks about his book THE CRUEL FATE OF DR. BREWSTER MCGILL – available now on

An ancient power recharged by greed. It’s 1855. Dr. Brewster McGill is a snake oil salesman, trying to make a few dollars on the south Texas countryside. With his trusty helper, Isidro, the two travel the land peddling their remedy. But when a new competitor arrives on his route with a mysterious elixir that not only cures-all but also claims to raise the dead, Dr. McGill is overcome with envy and greed. Plotting to steal away the sinister Aztec relic that is the source of the elixir’s power, The Eye of Mictlantecuhtli, McGill and Isidro are thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse that could curse south Texas forever. Will McGill and Isidro claim the Eye for their own gain and live to tell the tale? Or will death be The Cruel Fate of Dr. Brewster McGill?

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