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Run, Teddy Bear, Run
By Jimmy Pudge

It’s been 20 years since The Teddy Bear Killer claimed his last victims. Most people think he’s either been captured on an unrelated crime, or he’s dead. People who form gruesome totem-poles out of teenagers heads don’t just STOP. Right?

TBK, as he prefers, sees that someone is going to reopen his old stomping grounds, Camp Tittycock, and he can hardly contain his excitement! 20 years is a long time… He goes to his storage unit to relive some old memories, and relieve some new tensions amid all his trophies.

The ‘Party Bear’ costume is a little snug around the middle.
The machete is a little rusted & stained with past.
But those feelings haven’t changed.
The urge to kill came upon him fast & hard.
Not even stopping to think, The Teddy Bear Killer is off to Camp Tittycock, ready to introduce the new generation of campers to the horrors of TBK.


I had fun reading this short by J.P. & he’s a fun guy to know!

His Blog posts are a riot! MUCH LOVE WITH JIMMY PUDGE

A very funny guy to be Facebook friends with

Here’s the Facebook page for Imperial Youth Review

And, here you can find another collection of great posts

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