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By Andrew Bliss
A strange tale of the curiously uncommon.
approximately 3,700 words – (20pp)
Miss Perkins is the newest employee at Reams & Ramsbottom. Even though jobs are scarce and she desperately needs the employment, the unwelcome advances from her boss are making her increasingly more uncomfortable. The harder she tries to convince herself that it’s all a misunderstanding, the stronger his innuendos become.
She’s a nervous wreck, today. To make things worse, the shrill and incessant ringing of the telephone is driving her mad. She knows she cannot continue to work in this enviornment, and her boss is raising the stakes of his game.

This was a very quick read – I was reading it on my break and my coworkers think I’m a lunatic. In the span of about 15 – 20 minutes, they watched me as I giggled, gasped, & even grossed out a little bit. I downloaded this, and one other short by Andrew Bliss, as a single SS, but it can also be found in a collection of shorts, titled STRANGE TALES OF THE CURIOUSLY UNCOMMON. I like the author, and I am going to purchace the collection soon.
Watch for my review of the second short I downloaded by Andrew Bliss, AN EMBARASSING ODOR.

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