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THE HUMAN BODY -A short story By Michael K. Rose

The Human Body
By Michael K. Rose
The human body is highly resilient, but what happens when a man’s own body decides to betray him? Ted, after struggling with weight issues his entire life, is about to find out. He has started hearing voices.
Well, only one voice. I mean… he’s not CRAZY or anything!
“Go outside, look at that fat gut! Exercise a little self control! You’re a fat bastard, Ted. You’ve always been a fat bastard…” Who is that? Why are they being so mean?
He calls his doctor to make an appointment, but before he has time to see the doctor, his body starts fighting him! Making him do things – he’s lost all control.

His body is talking to him – and his body is pissed!

After Ted’s doctors appointment, his body continues to belittle him, it’s even madder than before! Back and forth they go. Ted and his body. This time, it turns into an all or nothing war! The voice says Ted is killing himself, and Ted wants nothing more than to kill this voice!

A battle of wills. Mind over matter.
Which one will emerge as the victor?

This was a fast read – I read it on my lunch break at work today. It’s short, but it’s original & very enjoyable. I downloaded it for free over the weekend, and it’s still free right now. But, if you miss the sale, it’s a bargain at 99¢! Worth buying.

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