Caveman Poems Original Poetry

CAVEMAN Poems – Bring The Hammer Down

Tim has given me permission to share more of his wonderful & dark poetry here.
Today is his latest, written just yesterday.
I am absolutely in love with this.
Please, share your feelings in the comments for Tim.
I’ll make sure he sees them all!



Five to one odds torments game soon begins.
Wager of life only last survivor wins.
Hardened stainless steel polished to a sheen.
Superior craftsmanship perfect killing machine.
The Swan Songs rancid stench does linger.
Single hollow point Grim Reaper’s cold finger.
Barrels business end, firmly aside the head.
Successful click an empty chamber is fed.
Four to two stakes usher the next round.
Heavier cylinder creates a mind numbing sound.
Squeezing dooms trigger in line with the temple.
Tempting mortality never seemed so simple.
Fifty, fifty chance in the hands of fate.
Hammer crashing decent now far too late.
Mushroomed slug forces crimson debris into space.
Life’s candle flickers out eclipse of darkness takes its place.

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