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By Matt Shaw
Possible spoiler alert for part one.
Don’t read this if you haven’t read THE CABIN.
You know I always try my hardest to not give anything away – but, I’m warning you JUST IN CASE.

We start this story right where we left off in part one,
in the cabin with Craig.
It’s morning.
He’s hoping it’s over.
Praying it’s over.
Ghosts only show up at night, right?
He hears the footsteps on the front porch again – coming right for the front door!
Not again. He won’t be tormented like this! No more!
He raises the gun…

While being evaluated for his competency hearing, we’re with Craig as he is trying to put the pieces together for himself, in the very asylum that led to his decent into madness. Leaving his padded cell only to endure the torments & questionable treatments from the staff, Craig isn’t sure if he is getting better or losing his mind all together. As he searches for answers, will he discover the key to his freedom or the one that will lock him in forever?

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