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By Anthony Renfro
It’s the first Christmas since the zombie invasion. You’d be pretty pissed, too, if you were trying to retain some of your Holiday Spirit and the damn zombies kept coming up and trying to eat your fake Santa, Elves, Reindeer, Frosty, and the rest! Your not stupid. Nothing is animated or lit up. Nothing playing music to attract attention. But, they still keep coming! Ooo… these ones are smart! They rang the doorbell and pretended to be Carolers! Now they’re grunting some macabre version of Jingle Bells. Isn’t that cute. Kill them or leave them be? It would be easier to decide if you could quit laughing!

Mike, Fred, and Jim, are not going to disappoint the neighborhood kids. They are going to wake up Christmas morning with gifts, and they will know that the Zombies did not steal Christmas from them! They’ll also think that Santa is one Bad Ass Zombie Killing Machine!

There is a plan in place, each of the men has a job to do. Mike has been planning this since September, and his planning made things a million times easier. The men did their duties together, then split up to finish their tasks. Each mans story ends about the same. What these men did to save Christmas for their neighborhood is truely a heartwarming tale.

This short story is about togetherness & Christmas miracles…and what we can accomplish if we put our hearts & minds to it!

6 replies on “A ZOMBIE CHRISTMAS By Anthony Renfro”

I know! I was really surprised at this one.
I went on a Holiday Horror binge in late November, and by Christmas I had read 10+ books. Anthologies like ‘A Hacked Up Holiday Massacre’ & ‘Let it Snow’ were filled with gory good times, then this story snuck up on me! (I freaked out a little, because the authors name is nowhere in that book!)
Sadly, I lost all those recopies when my host site shut down.
The long ones, where I talk a little on every story, I didn’t have back up copies.


Hey, just stumbled onto your blog. I am the author of A Zombie Christmas and I was wondering if you lost the copy of it. Sounds like you had some trouble. I’d be willing to send you a free PDF of it. If you don’t need it then I can send you a PDF copy of my new zombie trilogy before it gets released. Just a little thanks for the kind words you said about my story. I have a new blog as well – that you might like. Thanks again for posting about me.


Hi, Anthony!
I still have the book, I had lost the first review I did – (the original site I blogged from went down). I’ll definitely check out your blog – your story has stuck with me. I’ve read a lot of zombie stories / zombie holiday stories, and A ZOMBIE CHRISTMAS stands out.
I’d love to read your new trilogy, when will it be released?


I’m hoping to release the entire collection by October. I do plan to release the individual stories one by one starting in September.

I can send you the entire book once it’s done. Just send an email to this address: I’ll make sure to send you a copy.

Again, thanks for your inspiration.


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