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TO READ OR NOT TO READ By Vincent Hobbes

To Read Or Not To Read
Vincent Hobbes

MegaMad 4 Books recently asked me, “If you could be sucked into your favorite book, what would it be?”. I still haven’t answered the question, because… I’d be killed. Violently! But, that question reminded me of this story – TO READ OR NOT TO READ By Vincent Hobbes.

Shelby – while waiting for her daughter to finish up at a skating party, stops by a book store in the area to kill some time. What she finds there is very strange – the store does not sell books, it sells time. Time to sit in a reading room. As strange as it sounds, two other customers just love it, one coming in every week and the other visits three times a week! I kind of had a feeling around now, that I knew where the book was headed – but, even so… it did not disappoint.

~~~~~~~MAY BE SPOILERS~~~~~~~

The books – or the rooms – or the owner… are magical. You open the book to a part you are interested in, and as you begin to read – you go into the story. Live it. You can ride down the river with Tom Sawyer, or stand and watch Tara burn while Rhett doesn’t give a damn. The store owner cares about his patrons. He cares enough to read everything before putting it on the shelf, so he can remove any parts of a book that may put his customers in peril. But, there are so many books. Can he be sure he checked them all?

Great story, and a quick read on a cold & dreary day like this. Also – free download on Amazon right now. Hurry & catch the sale while it lasts. If you don’t, it’s still a steal at 99¢. I grabbed 3 titles from this author, Vincent Hobbes, and I’m finishing this review now so I can go read the next one!

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