Published February 9, 2013 by Shadow Girl

Slit Your Wrists magazine’s interview with The Scariest Man In America – Jack Ketchum.

SYW Magazine

Jack Ketchum is the author of such books as RedOff SeasonThe Girl Next Door, and many others, most of which were adapted to film. His latest novel The Woman is now available.

Need more Ketchum? Check out his official website!

SYW: What is your writing process in its brevity? By that I mean, is your inspiration fueled by caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and music when you write?

Jack Ketchum: A cup of coffee in the morning and regrettably, still nicotine. Though I’m trying to dump that. I wouldn’t dream of trying to write stoned or drinking. I tried that as a kid and got nowhere fast. And no music either. I have to hear the sound of the prose in my head, and I’m easily distracted. I can’t even look out a window when I’m working. It might be fun sometime to try to write…

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