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The Missing Years Of Thomas Pritchard
Matt Shaw


They say that time heals all wounds. But, some wounds run so deep that the best you can hope for is to eventually just learn to live with the pain. Bill and Anne are trying to do just that. It’s been nine years since their son Thomas vanished. Years spent searching and hoping turn to years of loss and grieving. They eventually mourn the loss of their son and try to go on living. The birth of their daughter, Mia, brings a new lease on life and a second chance at being a family. Then they get the news. Thomas is alive and he’s coming home! But, nine years is a long time! Where has he been? What kept him away so long? Can they accept him back as part of their family after accepting their fate and mourning his loss?

The Missing Years Of Thomas Pritchard is very different from the other stories I’ve read by Matt Shaw. And, although the story is different, his style -of not adding the unnecessary fluff- remains the same. This had the feel of a Stephen King book, if you removed 500 pages of irrelevant backstory. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was getting misty eyed at around the 86% mark, and I tears pouring down my face at the end. I’m not saying Matt has a squishy spot, I’m just saying that he has the ability to break your heart, not just leave it pounding with fear.
Let me close this review with a note I posted to Matt on his fb wall.
” I love this story, Matt! It’s different, but that doesn’t mean bad! You have the ability to write excellent stories in whatever genre you desire, that is pure talent. This story made me cry. Whatever emotion I experience in any of your books – I experience it physically. Real -out loud- laughter, real tears, real cringes & with the help of an outside noise… I really jumped while reading one story! There was a point, while reading a passage in a Peter story, that I was reading, kinda gasping/laughing/cringing all while slapping my husband on the leg with my free hand! Haha!!”

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